Derry Duff - a beautiful, ecologically diverse, organic farm,
nestled high in the West Cork hills, pioneering regnerative agriculture
and cutting edge nutrition.



We grow and sell Irish, organic, delicious blueberries, full of goodness and flavour.


Blueberries are available fresh in July, August and September and frozen at other times of the year, for commercial or individual sales. 

Plants are also available for sale.

Dexter Cattle

We raise a herd of organic Dexter cattle; a small, friendly, hardy and low maintenance breed. 

All animals are organically certified with the Irish Organic Association (IOA) and pedigree registered with the Irish Dexter Society. 

Most animals are polled.


Guests can stay, relax and unwind, surrounded by nature in our unique, boutique, stylish, lodge.  


Available for stays all year round, with a minimum three night stay.  Accommodation includes a breakfast hamper filled with home made and home grown goodies.

Aronia Berries

We grow organic aronia berries; they contain the highest levels of polyphenols (the super in super-foods) of any plant or vegetable.


Our berries are used in Phyterberry organic aronia products which can be purchased from health stores or online. From the farm, we sell potted and bare root aronia plants.

Dexter Beef

We produce and sell high quality, organically raised Dexter beef, full of flavour that ‘tastes like beef used to taste’. 


We slaughter a few animals every year and cuts and hanging times can be specified by either commercial or individual customers. Delivery can be arranged.


We grow from seed and cuttings a wide range of large, well established trees and shrubs, for planting around the farm and for sale. 


A wide variety of species are available for sale, most are multiple years old and well established. They are sold in air root pruning pots which makes them easy to plant out.


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Cuibín, Derry Duff, Bantry, Co. Cork, P75 PD60, Ireland  |  +353 87 8540586